01 February 2018


If blogging more had been my resolution last year, I would not have called it a success.

If blogging more had been my resolution this year, well, I've failed again.

But it wasn't, and it isn't, and at some point I had faith enough to renew my domain, so here we are.

Why, though? Why do I have a blog?

It isn't to make money. And it isn't to get free stuff. Though, I will write glowing reviews for So Delicious Cashew Milk Cookies and Cream ice cream if they want to send any my way. Look, I'm writing it without free product, I love it so much.

I started this blog when I needed time for myself and something resembling a hobby, but I wasn't entirely sure the direction I wanted it to take. So I just wrote a little bit of everything.

Along the way, I've realized more of what I want to write about, and what I need to write about. It might not be appealing to many, and that's okay, but I feel it's important to be authentic.

I also feel it's important to share outfit inspiration, so look forward to three ways to wear yoga pants coming this week. Maybe.

More toward the point (except, my wearing of yoga pants is authentic, so I guess I mean "in addition to that point") is that I believe in authenticity.

I believe in authenticity so much that if I were fourteen years younger, I'd probably have the word tattooed somewhere on my body. Instead, I just have a star that means as much to me now as it did at the time I got it: nothing.

I believe in being authentic and true to ourselves, even as we evolve and grow more into the person we are always becoming.

I believe we all have our stories, woven as we come into our own, stretch, and grow, shaped by our experiences and perspective unique to us.

There is power in sharing our stories, and learning from one another.

There is strength that comes in realizing we aren't alone.

I can't tell you the number of times I've come across someone's story, or had them share it with me, only to realize there was a common thread. It's almost healing, in some instances, to find out you're not alone when you thought you were.

I want to share more stories. I want to share more from the heart. It might not be for everyone, but there are people who need to know they aren't alone. That's my intention moving forward.

I legitimately, and sincerely, appreciate outfit inspiration posts. Particularly when I'm wondering what I should wear after two days in the same pair of yoga pants.

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