09 June 2017


I thought Fathers Day was this weekend all week long. I took my kids shopping and ordered things just in time to make it for Sunday. I don't know why I checked the date, but I did, and realized that Fathers Day is actually next week. So now we'll spend our weekend pulling weeds, grocery shopping, and doing laundry instead of celebrating. I'm sort of thinking we should celebrate two weeks in a row.

Here's a few links I enjoyed in case you're trying to avoid weeds and laundry, too.

We know the importance of self care, but if you need a little help getting there, here are twenty-five cheat sheets for taking care of yourself like an adult.

There are far too many stories of black students being sent home from school or otherwise disciplined for simply wearing their natural hair. This is why it needs to stop.

Raising a son alongside daughters, I agree with these ideas on how to raise a feminist son.

I'm always in need of a good book list. I'll probably choose some from this summer reading list filled with books that advocate for inclusion and social justice. I'm also looking forward to going through books on this list of one hundred books about women and religion.

Can we clear up macaron vs. macaroon? Here's how you should be saying it.

Have you ever wondered who played Barney and what it was like? Wonder no more.

Manspreading has been banned on buses in Madrid. Worth the read for the comments alone.

Yes, it's real- white Jesus can join your engagement photoshoots in Utah. (It doesn't mean he should.)

I used to work in one way back in the day, so I can vouch for the accuracy. If call center employees were honest, your phone calls to customer service would sound a lot like this.

Probably, definitely, making these almond butter chocolate chip cookies. You know, since it actually isn't Fathers Day so I won't be making my husband's favorite.

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