27 June 2017


I wouldn't say I'm exactly qualified to give much advice, but this is the internet, and, well, a lack of qualification has yet to stop anyone from advising.

(Hell, it's 2017 and a lack of qualification doesn't keep one out of office.)

Besides, it's not like I'm offering up medical advice (as much as I'd like to use my honorary med degree from Google U). Though, it's sort of your own fault if you follow that.

I'm not even going to call it advice. How about tips? Tips that, every time I implement one, I think, "I've really got to share this."

So here you go.

At no charge to you, I'm offering a few of my best tips. I hope that they're as life changing for you as they have been for me.

I will probably post a tutorial on how to take proper mirror selfies soon.

(This isn't necessarily a tip, but a good sarcasm detector will get you far.)


Don't consider the laundry something you have to catch up on. Think of it like dishes. Nobody says they have to catch up on dishes. You have to do the dishes, yes, but it's expected that they will be back in the sink again just as soon as someone is hungry.

You aren't behind on laundry. You aren't caught up on laundry. It just is, so let it be.

(But don't let it be for too long, otherwise you really will have a situation.)


When I put something in the oven, I set the timer for a minute or two less than the amount of time the food needs to be in for. If cookies need to bake for 10-12 minutes, I set it for 8 or 9.

I'm not sitting next to the oven waiting for the timer to go off. Even if I were, there would still be something that would prevent me from getting the food out on time.

I know that it takes me time to get to the oven once I hear the timer, so I give myself grace so that I might enjoy properly cooked, never burned food (cookies). Most of the time.


This piece of advice is tried and true, and it warrants repeating. You don't need to wear yourself out doing twice as much work, when a simple adjustment here and there will have you getting more done with less effort.

My kids are always playing with toys in the kitchen while I cook. There's a cupboard dedicated solely to their toys so everything is easy to put away when it's time to eat.

I keep a stack of old towels under the sink for the inevitable water spills. They don't get mixed up with the nicer dish towels, and they're accessible to small helpers (and me, when I'm on the floor, cleaning up, and need another towel).


I'm not advocating being dishonest, but, from time to time, it's okay to help people draw their own conclusions.

Messy house? Put a stack of paper cups and plates on the counter, scatter half a dozen balloons around the room, and, if you're feeling up to it, strategically place a streamer so that it looks like it's barely hanging on.

Unexpected company (or company you were expecting, but didn't want to clean up for) will assume you just had a party and have yet to clean up, rather than thinking this is how your living room normally looks.

Another variation on this tip: store chocolate chips behind a bag of raisins. Should someone you'd rather not share with hear the rustling of the bag and see you pop something into your mouth, you can gesture to the raisins (remember, your mouth is full, so no talking) as if to ask if they'd like some.

There's plenty more where these came from. I'll be back with a volume two.

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