23 May 2017


Let's give a warm-ish welcome to the newest member to publicly join the resistance- Melania.

That's probably not entirely true, as I'm sure she's been resisting him for quite some time now. But have you seen this video of her swatting his hand away? Watch it on a loop if you must. It's brilliant.

Is anyone surprised we're at this point?

Not with Melania. No one is surprised about that; delighted, yes, but not surprised.

We're eighteen weeks in. There are those who said a day one with he who must not be named at the helm wouldn't be possible, but here we are. Sure, it looks like his time might be up soon (hopefully, and here's how you celebrate), but the resisting will not stop when his administration is gone.

Resisting didn't begin when he took office.

It brought to light, for some, many issues that have long been the reality for others. To be clear, racism, misogyny, and bigotry are not new. To assume so minimizes the experiences of those deeply affected.

Perhaps one of the most helpful things in combating the pillars of our president's character would be to work to see that such behavior is not normalized.

We might be used to it, it might not shock us, but we cannot accept it.

This needs to be placed at the very top of the list of how to resist, this week and always.


Call it out. Every single time.

An off-handed comment at the office? A facebook post from an older relative? A poor excuse for a joke at the expense of anyone remotely marginalized?

Call it out.

Every time a story airs about a life needlessly taken by those under oath to protect it, every time someone reposts something glorifying hate, every time nuclear war is casually mentioned in conversation--

Call it out.

It might be the current norm, but it is not normal.

This week, commit to calling it out each and every time you encounter it.


This is week eighteen in a series of resisting in the reign of the Trump. Past weeks can be found here.


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