15 May 2017


Today I had the thought to throw an impeachment party, which, no surprise, I've been dreaming of such a reason to celebrate since shortly after I shared how to throw an election party.

There's hope.

And yes, it might be marred by Pence as successor, or equally bad, Ryan, but I'm all for taking victories when they come. And an impeachment? That would be quite a victory.

Here's how to celebrate, should (when) you need it:


Even for a non-drinker like myself, vodka is glaringly obvious. Mix up some white or black russians, because heaven knows there hasn't been a time that has called for them more.

(Here's a non-alcoholic recipe for a white russian.)

The nerd in me can't resist serving Executive hors d'oeuvres or an Im-Peach-ed Cobbler.

As for any other food, think about what you would eat to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life, and then serve just that. Donuts? Tacos? Catering from your favorite restaurant?

In the months that followed the election, I wanted nothing but mac and cheese and lentil soup. I was mourning. I needed comfort food. In the likely event of an impeachment, I'm ready to break out the birthday/graduation/good news fare.


Email them, of course. Preferably from a private server.


Take a cue from Bernie and print off poster sized versions of your favorite tweets to display.  Like, oh, say, this one.


Are swag bags your thing? Think Nordstrom.

Pin the Blame on the other guy is a new take on an old classic.

You can't go wrong with watching Alec Baldwin clips (and Melissa McCarthy is always a winner).

If nothing else, just sit back, eat, and bask in the knowledge that 45 is no more.

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