02 May 2017


Over the past few months, I've seen posts here and there about the Hello Kitty Cafe truck. My oldest loves Hello Kitty, and my younger two are equally fond, so I'd pull up the truck's schedule, only to find, time and again, that it wasn't coming to Utah.

I'd see stops listed for California and Texas, but that was as close as it got. Then, about a month ago, I saw a facebook friend was interested in an event- lo and behold, the Hello Kitty Cafe truck was coming to Utah, and just a few miles away.

Because I sometimes forget that I know better, I told my kids about it a couple weeks in advance, fully aware that there would be a long line winding through a parking lot for the chance to buy expensive pink macarons and Hello Kitty mugs.

They did not forget about it, nor did they care that the forecast showed snow the day before, or that my general aversion to large crowds was ramping up.

So we went. I planned on getting there fifteen to thirty minutes early, hoping that we'd beat the better part of the crowd that was likely to show up, and hopefully not have to wait as long.

I am so out of touch with reality.

We got there about an hour after the event began. The line was long, but as we made our way to the end of it, I was hopeful it would go fast and we'd be through it in thirty minutes or so- forty, max.

The line did not budge an inch in the time it took us to walk to our spot, or for another two minutes after. We asked our kids if they'd like to get their picture taken at the truck and then go buy a Hello Kitty surprise at a shop in the mall.

No deal.

So we waited. And waited.

I'm going to spare you the play-by-play and tell you now that we waited for three-and-a-half hour until we got to the front of the line to purchase our goods from a damn near sold out menu.

Praise be to the restaurants right nearby, and to people in line willing to hold your place while you run your toddler to the bathroom.

The macarons and petit fours that my kids were looking forward to sold out soon after we got there (supposedly, people were buying ten at a time). The bottles of water we had been hoping for sold out with three people ahead of us, as did the mugs.

We had the option of a set of three sugar cookes, and a t-shirt. Not wanting to spend $100 on t-shirts my kids would end up sleeping in, we opted for the cookies. They were kind enough to throw in a tote bag that was advertised as free with $25 purchase.


My kids were thrilled. Exhausted, but happy to have gone.

As soon as we got home, my girls sat at the table to eat their cookies (they contained dairy and my son's allergic). My five-year-old licked her overpriced, long-awaited cookie and promptly asked for fruit.


I mean, if that isn't parenthood...

So was it worth it?

Yes, because it made my kids happy.

Would I go again?

Eh. I'm not sure.

If I did go again, and if you decide to go, I would make sure to:

- Get there early. Really early.

- Be prepared to wait. People who arrived 45 minutes early still had a two hour wait.

- Realize that you might show up, wait four hours, and not get a single thing.

Hello Kitty, though.

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