07 April 2017


This week the camera lens on my phone cracked, I have a door that now needs repairing, and I had to renew my license, but I am unfazed. It's my birthday and I love my birthday with all the love small children have for theirs. I don't even have to do anything special, so long as I have good food and my favorite german chocolate cake I only ever make once a year.

I'm off to celebrate, and by all means, you should, too, but I thought I'd leave you with some interesting reads I found this week.

So Pepsi and Kendall Jenner. I was going to suggest reading this recap if you missed seeing the ad before Pepsi pulled it. You should still read it, but then you should really, really read this one, and then make sure you don't miss Trevor Noah's take on the whole thing. Oh, and of course there's this from McSweeney's.

The infantilizing way we talk about women's ambition is enlightening, but in no way surprising.

I'm barely beginning to process the latest from Syria, but here's a thread full of ways to turn outrage into action.

If you have some time, this podcast on how to not accidentally raise racist children is well worth the listen.

Mindfulness. You've heard the word, but do you fully understand it? This video helps.

This article about self-care is spot on.

Because I'm a sucker for book lists, here are 32 multicultural picture books about strong female role models.

It's been twenty years, but I still remember getting those giant jawbreakers from the bulk candy bins at the grocery store. I think this diy bath bomb version is a much better alternative.

Can someone please buy this horse print top for their baby? It doesn't come in any of my kids' size.

Happy weekending!

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