06 March 2017


Wednesday of this week is International Women's Day. I can't say I'm entirely familiar with how it's been commemorated in years past, but this year, the organizers of the Women's March have come up with the idea to mark the occasion with A Day Without a Woman.

Not unlike A Day Without Immigrants, women everywhere will take the day off work, demonstrating just how necessary women are, despite the fact they are paid less, and are more likely to suffer discrimination, harassment, and other such inequalities.

Initially, I thought that was the extent of the day. I didn't consider it to be terribly inclusive, as it is definitely a mark of privilege to be able to take a day off work, paid or unpaid, without fear of losing one's job.

What about single mothers? Women who are the sole breadwinners of their household and cannot risk losing their source of income? Women who stay home with children? Women who are retired?

I read a bit more before dismissing it entirely, and came to realize there are other ways to participate. Thus, I feel like joining in on A Day Without Women is an absolute must for this weeks resistance action plan.

If you're unable to take the day off work, or you don't have a job to take the day off from, there are still things you can do.


Possibly the easiest, wearing red on Wednesday shows you stand in solidarity with women everywhere. You acknowledge the inequalities they face and you are committed to action that will change that.


Unless you're spending money at a business owned by a woman, poc, or immigrant, don't spend a dime.


Donate to an organization that supports women's rights: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, National Organization for Women, League of Women Voters are just a few.


This is week seven in a series of resisting in the reign of the Trump. Past weeks can be found here

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