20 March 2017


Nine weeks in, y'all.

Where are we at?

Still going strong? Angry? Fearful? Tired? Overwhelmed?

This administration isn't letting up and neither are those who oppose it, but that doesn't mean we can't slow things down a bit and regroup. You can still be a part of the resistance if you take a week off every now and then. It's okay to clear your plate in order to clear your mind a bit.

I'm still calling and writing postcards, but I'm wondering if I need to narrow my focus a bit, if even for a short while, and see if I can accomplish more in one area as opposed to steadily doing a little bit across the board. I'll have to see where I end up.

As for calling representatives- still incredibly effective. If you can take one minute, or five, every week (more if you can swing it), and call your representatives, I can assure you, it is not time wasted.

If calling isn't easy right now, or if you're looking for a few simple ways you can amp up your efforts, I've got you covered.


Have you heard of Resistbot? It will change your resisting life as you know it. Text "resist" to 50409. Follow the prompts to give your name and address (to find your representatives), and your message you want to send. They do the rest for you.

It's super simple, and you already have your phone out anyway, right?


If we're taking things slow, you might as well sit down and relax. Sort of. Watch Time: The Kalief Browder Story on Spike, or go the theater and see Get Out. Take notes.


Check out The Safety Pin Box. It's a subscription box created by black women and intended for white people who want to put their money where their ally mouths are. It's task oriented, lest you were expecting a gold-plated safety pin.

Keep on keeping on.


This is week nine in a series of resisting in the reign of the Trump. Past weeks can be found here

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