01 February 2017


I do think about things other than resisting. For instance, projects I can do to gain some reprieve from the tension and outright stress that has yet to dissipate.

First up: this banner.

I believe in the importance of daily affirmations, and in seeing the things you believe and the ideals you uphold spelled out in front of you. I've taken a liking to this phrase and thought for awhile on how to display it, knowing I wanted it to go in my girls' shared room.

I don't hang heavy things in my kids' bedrooms. Utah isn't a stranger to earthquakes and my kids aren't strangers to throwing things. If it's glass or could cause an injury if it fell, it isn't going up.

A lightweight banner seemed to be the logical choice. I've seen similar ones around that I've been drawn to, but I could never find one with just the right saying. A custom order would cost me around $100, and while I'm not opposed to spending money on something I love, I usually won't do it until I spend nearly twice that amount in supplies so that I can attempt to make it myself first.

Here's where I skip to the end and tell you I successfully made my own version and it cost nowhere near a custom version.

Want to make your own?


- Wooden dowel
- Fabric- I used a light cotton twill
- Coordinating thread
- Iron-on applique letters
- String or ribbon to hang


- Decide how big you want your banner to be. Mine hangs 22 inches long and is 16 inches wide.

- Measure and cut your fabric, making sure to add two inches to the desired finished length. Since I wanted my finished banner to hang 22 inches, I cut it 24 inches long and 16 inches wide.

Folding it in half makes this step super easy. I cut straight for about 15 inches before cutting at an angle to create the bottom point.


- Fold the top of the banner over two inches and pin. Sew along the raw edge, creating an opening for the dowel.

- Following the instructions on the iron-on applique letters, position and apply your words of choice.

- Cut your dowel down to size. I cut mine to 18 inches so there would be an inch on either side of the fabric. Stain or paint if desired.

- Slip the banner onto the dowel and tie the string onto each end.

- Hang and admire.


- 1/2 yard fabric: $4.99
- Dowel: $1.29
- Iron-on appliques- 3 at $3.99 each: $11.97
- Thread and ribbon from my stash

Total: $18.25

But wait-

Considering I used half the fabric I bought, cut the dowel in half, and have plenty of applique letters left over, I can easily make a second banner, bringing the total cost per banner to less than ten dollars.

More money to spend on protest signs, I guess. Or chocolate.

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