20 January 2017



I'll just go ahead and say it- I'm all sorts of emotional that Obama's term is over. It's going to be a long time before we see another president as incredible as he was. At this point,  I'm soaking up every last bit of news I can get- including articles about their boxes of cleaning supplies.

The fact that only 300 buses have filed for parking permits for the inauguration, compared to the 1,200 permits filed for the Women's March brings me a bit of consolation, though. Here's to keeping that up, and not just for the next four years.

I'm trying not to stress eat, but I'm also trying to decide what kind of cookies I want to make. Here's some articles I've found while trying to decide.

The Resistance Manual might prove to be vital. It's open source, so anyone can edit and update.

This article on unity and holding the Women's March to the standard it should be is a must read.

Fifteen protest sign ideas.

Talking to kids about protesting.

Speaking of the Obama's moving. In a similar nostalgic vein, pictures of their first visit to the White House.

Jimmy Fallon helps people say goodbye to the First Lady.

Obama's last tweet and new website.

Alright, Bernie.

How the systemic segregation of schools is maintained by individual choices.

White women, please fix this.

Have you seen the trailer for PBS's new show- Africa's Great Civilizations?

If you're interested in being Idris Elba's valentine.

I know it's The Onion, but Jimmy Carter contemplating death is how I feel most people who have lived a full and happy life feel right now.

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