06 January 2017


One week into the new year. How are you doing on your resolutions? I'd say anyone that set out to unfriend me on Facebook this year is doing okay for themselves; I'm being dropped left and right the past few days, but I'm good with it. I'm also good with spending the weekend eating soup, reading, and maybe napping. I really should have resolved to nap more.

Some links for you to enjoy, should you find some downtime:

Hidden Figures is out everywhere today!

MTV's New Year's resolutions for white guys.

Preparing to be ungovernable in 2017.

A selection of the 30 most disappointing under 30.

Twenty-seven things to care about this year.

Seventeen women you probably didn't hear about last year, and sixteen kids that restored our faith in humanity.

The invisible workload that drags women down.

Ten responses to the phrase "man up."

Children's books featuring kids of color being themselves.

Little kids and big dogs.

Colin Kaepernick voted most courageous on his team.

If you have to be trolled, let it be by Wendy's.

There's a few people I could send this book to.

Understanding microaggressions. (Volume down if you're at work.)

What to do with any Amazon boxes you might still have around.

The Snow Day stamps.

Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free cupcakes. (Maybe call it a muffin if you worry about being disappointed.)

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