24 January 2017


I've been inspired by the women’s marches across the country over the weekend and today. I’m encouraged by the sheer number of determined, resilient women and men taking to the streets for causes and people very dear to them.

For many, it was a chance to make a catchy sign and to be seen- to prove that they were there, they did something, and now where is the change I just marched for?

Sorry (straight, white, cisgender) ladies (with posters about your vaginas). Change doesn't work like that.

Recognizing and voicing the need for change is a good start, yes. But if we want actual change, it needs to be just that: a starting point.

I’m hopeful that these marches won’t be seen as a one time thing- the be all and end all. Rather, I hope this weekend will be like a rally, an incredible kick start to the work that waits for us.

And there’s a lot of work to be done. For those that have been at it for years, decades- a lifetime- and for those joining in now for the season of resistance, there is so much to do.

Because it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin, I’ve thought of a few things you can do this week. They might seem small, but we have a long road ahead and it's through small, consistent action that progress will be made.

(207 weeks to go.)


Read up on intersectional feminism, because that is what true feminism is.

Try Women, Race, and Class by Angela Davis, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde, or Assata by Assata Shakur.

Read a book about someone with a completely different life experience from you. If you don't have time to sit down and read, get the audiobook and listen.


Nope, this doesn't require you to get out just yet.

Follow five people on twitter with platforms you’re not yet involved in. Are you up to speed on women's issues but still wonder why Black Lives Matter exists? Follow Shaun King, Deray Mckesson, and Bree Newsome will get you started.

Need to familiarize yourself with LGBTQIA concerns? Try Sally Kohn, Janet Mock, and DarkMatter.

Follow and read, read, read. Don't interact yet, just absorb. You might not understand, or agree, but don't let that stop you from sincerely attempting to gain insight into a world that is not your own. You might find it's actually not all that different from yours.


Add your voice to Obama.org. All the issues that have been removed from the White House website- LGBTQ+, climate change, civil rights- are there.

Join your local SURJ chapter. You can search for them on Facebook.

Sign up for the injustice boycott and get on their email list.


Contact your senators to let them know your concerns and expectations. Let them know you are holding them accountable and depend on them to fight for you.

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