12 December 2016


I know, there's plenty of gift guides for kids out there, expertly curated, filled with beautiful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind toys that any parent would be happy to have out on their living room floor. I know, I've bought my fair share.

If that's what you're looking for, I'll leave you to it. Your kid might love it. Or they might stop playing with it after a few hours.

If you're looking for something they're guaranteed to love, something you can look back and confidently say you got your (very little) money's worth, look no further.

We know this, right? Every time a kid opens a gift, someone observes, "Why didn't we just get them a box?" Well, why not?

Large cardboard boxes run about a dollar at most home improvement stores, and plain ones can be found at any shipping supply shop for a little more.

You might feel like you're shortchanging your kid at first, but I guarantee they'll love it.


Rolls of tape, all for them to do with as they please. It might drive you a little crazy, but the cleanup is easy-ish, and it buys you a whole lot of time.


Lest I venture too far into office supply territory, your standard new box of crayons and pad of paper is sure too please. What the hell, go full office supply and make it a ream.



Sure, you'll be peeling them off of every surface of your house, but this isn't really about you. Think of the children, and children love stickers.


I've yet to find anything that entertains my kids the way balloons do. They're usually the hit of the party, so why not make them the actual gift?


Okay, bubbles come as close as anything can to being as entertaining as balloons. Maybe grab a bubble machine to save yourself from becoming just that.


My kids ask for cereal all day long. Do they get it? No. They would go crazy if they had their own box of Lucky Charms all to themselves. I think most kids would.

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