01 November 2016


I don't know why I love Halloween. I'm not into blood, gore, or general creepiness. I don't eat candy. I find Halloween stores as disturbing as haunted houses, and not just because they think $60+ for a toddler costume is reasonable.

I've always liked it, so it's hasn't just become enjoyable since having kids. Jason and I used to dress up together, and now that I think about it, we really only stopped when we became parents. When going through my fabric last week to find something to line S's cape with, I came across a few yards of silver spandex and pink satin. I couldn't figure out why I would have bought it, until I realized it was intended for our costumes the year S was born. ( You're welcome.)

I love the idea of themed family costumes, but my kids are opinionated and I like to let them have their creative freedom. Maybe one year.

This year, we had a vampire.

Janelle Monae.

And a dinosaur.


We trick-or-treated around our neighborhood after my sort of failed attempt at making vegan mummy hot dogs. They hit up about thirty houses, which was plenty. My favorite thing that was passed out? LED rings. My kids loved them and they were perfect for nighttime trick or treating. Oh, and tiny tubs of play-doh. I mean, I won't be loving it when I'm inevitably picking it out of our carpet, but it's so much better than sugar.

I was worried that C would have a hard time when I took away his chocolate he can't have because of his dairy allergy, but he was unphased.

Aside from sugar-induced meltdowns over lollipops last night, they've all been unphased and haven't even noticed that their buckets of candy are gone. I don't ban candy, and I planned on letting them have more than they ended up eating, but if they haven't noticed it's gone, who am I to pull it back out?

I'll tell you who I would be- crazy. I'll just thank my lucky stars and continue to bake them chocolate granola and pumpkin cookies (I know, I know, but it's only one of three batches I'll make this season) in hopes that they forget all about the candy that has been donated to Jason's office.

Yeah, right.

Speaking of Halloween candy, though, Jimmy Kimmel's compilation of parents telling kids they ate their candy the morning after is one of my favorite things. There's five years worth. Be sure to watch them all.

Hope your sugar crash is minimal and you successfully raid your kids' stash if your heart so desires.

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