03 November 2016


A year ago, I was celebrating Barack Obama being elected. I watched the votes come in, and cried when he was announced as the 44th President of the United States.

Now, eight years later, I'm ready to cry at the thought of him leaving.

I'm also ready to eat my weight in carbs waiting for this election to be over. I don't doubt I'm alone.

A few brilliant friends of mine are hosting an election night party where guests can eat their feelings as they await the results. I'm a few states away, so I'll be eating ice cream in front of my own television, but I put together a few ideas if you want to host a party so you don't have to go it alone.


I really don't advocate eating your feelings. I mean, this election is wreaking havoc on us all as it is. But food is good for parties. Might I suggest Ben and Jerry's ice cream, if only for their stance on Black Lives Matter.

Also, these cupcakes are gold. I'm sure most bakeries that take custom orders could whip them up for you.

Photo via Elizabeth Banks's instagram. Cupcakes orginally from Big Sugar Bake Shop.


I mean, of course. It is a party, after all. But be careful who you invite, unless you don't mind refereeing. Luckily, facebook has made it super easy to tell rational minded people apart from those who support racist, bigoted, misogynistic assholes.


Sure, you could watch the election results. You could even talk about the obvious elephant in the room (pun intended). It might become too much, so it would be wise to have some alternative options at hand.


Silly Putty, stress balls, bubble wrap, and anything similar is great for those who need to nervously fidget or pick at something. Perhaps you could put them in a goody bag with nail clippers, lest you have any nail biters in attendance.

You could easily make a bingo game for election night political posts on social media. Or a drinking game. We could all do with being a little numb for this.

A punching bag. A game of Risk. Pin the presidency on the donkey. Darts. A corner to cry in. Really, so many possibilities.


Prayers, positive thinking- whatever you've got, it can't hurt. Encourage your guests to put it all out there and then join together and hope for the best.

I mean, she has to win.


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