18 November 2016


I haven't been up to writing much this past week. I'm hoping to get back to it soon. I have some links to share, though. Mostly heavy on post-election issues because that's where my mind is. There's a few adoption articles, book lists, and some Obama/Biden meme compilation memes thrown in, because I'm assuming you want to enjoy your weekend.

Obama reckons with a Trump presidency.

What to do if you witness Islamophobic harassment.

To white Christians who voted for Trump

Thoughts on a Muslim registry as a prelude to internment.

A survivor of gay conversion therapy shares their story.

This site shares the stories of those affected by the hateful aftermath of the election and proves the fear is not unfounded. 

This site gives a voice to those most affected by adoption: adoptees.

This article from an adoptee on undoing the fairy tale narrative of adoption is a long, but important read.

Have you had enough Obama and Biden memes? Because here's some more.

Oh, here's more.

My favorite mannequin challenge

Thirty black, female owned online stores to shop for the holidays. 

Fifteen diverse and inclusive children's books about Christmas.

Fifteen books for fighting for justice in the Trump era.

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