01 October 2016


Typing top eight makes me think of Tom from Myspace. That's not relevant to anything in this post, and so, without further ado, this week's top eight.

ONE: Scheduling a geneticist appointment for LB.

We've been on a wait list for nearly two years, but as of this week, we finally have an appointment on the calendar. Prenatal alcohol exposure affects so much more than just the brain. Damage to, and issues with, other main organs are a huge concern. Getting into the geneticist will go a long way toward making sure she has all the help she needs to ensure the best quality of life possible.

TWO: October started this week.

Okay, so it started the very last day of this week. Even so. October might be my second favorite month- second, only because my birthday is in April. October seems quintessentially fall. The leaves are changing, there are pumpkins to be picked, and it just seems like the first full month before we get into "the holidays." Also, LB's birthday and Halloween are at the end of the month, so it feels like non-stop party prep leading up to days of celebration.

THREE: Lunch with a friend.

My in-person circle of friends is small, and so I don't take for granted finding someone who shares similar beliefs and way of thinking. A few hours visiting does wonders when I often feel I might otherwise lose my mind.

FOUR: My five-year-old standing up for herself in her own way.

There are two boys in our neighborhood that write notes back and forth with S. They're cute and friendly, and S loves getting them. Occasionally, as they did this week, the 6-year-old boys make requests like, "Give us food." Her response? Leaving a bag of seaweed on their porch. It's second only to the time they asked her for cookies, and she wrote back, "Make your own cookies."

FIVE: All things debate inspired.

Memes. Tweets. SNL. If they will make me laugh, I'll take them all, please.

SIX: Fluffy rolls.

I'm getting back to baking bread more often. Rolls are at the top of my list of things to perfect. I'm just about there. I don't know why this makes me as happy as it does. Maybe because, bread. (I did mistype that as "brad" which could have led to some confusion had I not caught it. I'm sure most understand bread to be a legitimate reason, though.)

SEVEN: Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes have all been settled on and most preparations are underway. I forget how much I like to create things until I have a big project like costumes to complete. It makes me realize that I need to take on more creative projects- small ones, otherwise they take over the table or I don't finish them.

EIGHT: Family time.

I spend all day with my kids, and we don't have many obligations that take either of us away from them in the evenings. Still, it's nice to get out and do something intentional. We went on hike earlier this week, which isn't unusual- I just enjoy watching my kids explore new places.

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