14 October 2016


My weekend plans include family pictures, sewing Halloween costumes, and getting ready for a road trip we're taking next week, because that's what you do when you realize you have one more week off-track than you'd originally thought. 

Oh, and Big Love. I watched it here and there when it was on air, but never regularly until now. I don't do zombies, or vampires, or whatever else it is that's on, but give me polygamists and I'll binge watch five seasons.

Hope your weekend is as productive, both in actually getting stuff done and just watching it. Here's a few links I wanted to share.

Michelle Obama's speech in New Hampshire is well worth the time it takes to watch.
Are you familiar with The Green Book?

This video highlights some of the stories under #thisis2016, a hashtag response to this article about a woman telling a family to go back where they came from.

This video shows the harmful effects of objectifying women.

And this video is a demand to stop talking over women.

A special education teacher included her entire class in her wedding.

A response to those who selectively crusade against discrimination.

CoverGirl's new cover boy.

How to raise kinder kids.

Are you saying "adidas" wrong?

Would you wear any of these pieces of jewelry?

Five picture books to help teach about social justice issues.

Another list of children's books that teach about race and ethnicity.

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