23 September 2016


Earlier this week, C dumped a glass of water on my computer. Despite my optimism, the man at the computer repair shop told me that nothing could be done, aside from sending it back to Apple for repair, and even then, my hard drive was completely gone. Also, I was just two weeks out of warranty (my kids are destroying laptops annually, it would seem), which meant an expensive repair, nearly the cost of a brand new computer.

I'm really awesome at backing up my files, which is to say I'm not at all good at it. Losing all the pictures I had stored was easily the worst part of all of this.

But there was hope. Like, a tiny bit of hope that maybe my computer could be repaired and I'd just need to get a new hard drive.

Jason watched a few videos, and a man he works with lent him the tools, and, well, he completely fixed my computer, hard drive and all.

Miracle, is all I'm saying.

I immediately backed up all my pictures and declared it my favorite things to happen all week.

I thought I would document it in a post of all my favorite things throughout the past week. I thought of doing three, or five- ten seemed way too many for my not always optimistic self.

In the spirit of seeking out the positive, and intentionally looking for good, I decided to go with eight. There are seven days to a week, and easily one good thing happens each day. Why not find one more? Also, maybe, sort of a throwback to MySpace. I don't know.

Here we go.

In no particular order, aside from number one being the raising of my MacBook from its watery grave, my weekly top eight.

TWO: This ice cream.

(And my functioning computer behind it. I swear I will stop talking about that at some point next month.)

I don't eat processed foods. I am doing away with sugar. But this. I found it in one of the end caps of the frozen section at Whole Foods and I eat it knowing I will be anxiously awaiting the next time I eat it. Totally eating it in bed with a toddler spoon. Totally don't care.

THREE: S winning a prize from a drawing at her school fundraiser assembly.

She got off the bus today and opened up her backpack, telling me that she won a prize for running so well at the jog-a-thon. It was a stuffed horse, which couldn't be more perfect for her. I don't know why it made me so happy that her name was drawn. Probably because she was thrilled and she'd been needing a little pick-me-up.

FOUR: S reading to C.

She has been working on a project for weeks at school, telling me she will bring it home when it's finished. Today was the day, and she proudly revealed a brown bear book, filled with animals she made herself.

C is especially excited about it, and she's read it to him no less than six times already.

FIVE: Rain.

It's been raining since Thursday night, and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. There's something about a cold rain with grey skies that seems to absolve us of all responsibilities. Clearly, the only logical thing to do is sit with blankets, books, and movies. Consider it done.

SIX: The quick charges against the officer who shot and killed Terence Crutcher.

Yes, she has been released already. The quick charges and booking, even when those investigating were dragging their feet is a step in the right direction.

SEVEN: Football games.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still as not into watching football as I've ever been. My kids love it, though, and they get so excited when Utah plays. They request to wear their shirts and wait all day to watch the game with their dad. It's enough to make me like it a little bit. And, okay, maybe the parties they plan to go along with the game.

EIGHT: Being off-track.

Ask me about this in three weeks, but as for right now, I'm looking forward to the break. I'm not a fan of year-round school for many reasons, but the fact that we get a break from early morning rushing around isn't something I'm going to complain about. S is looking forward to hanging out at home with the babies, which is probably the extent of what we'll be doing. This week seemed like the final, tiring stretch toward a long vacation, and we made it.

Happy weekending!

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