30 September 2016


I was starting to lean in favor of year-round school, but after our first week being off-track, I think I'm swinging back. Or maybe I'm just ready for the weekend. We shall see. I'm putting together a list of all the things to get us out and enjoying the remaining weeks of fall break. Here's a few interesting links I've come across in the meantime.

I think this cognitive bias cheat sheet is fascinating and helpful.

How meditation changes your brain.

An open letter to cilantro.

Twelve ways to raise a confident child.

Four traits that put kids at risk for addiction.

Boycotting injustice and police brutality in AmericaHave you signed up?

On hashtags and fleeting white outrage.

Tim Burton explains why his movies are full of white people.

I should just permanently link to Trevor Noah.

A history of social dance.

Bias isn't just a police problem, it's a preschool problem.

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