16 September 2016


Earlier this week marked our ten-year engagement anniversary. Not that we actually celebrate such things, but I'm sentimental and remember dates. I feel like if we were to do our wedding over again, we would have just eloped, so now I'm thinking that, had that happened, we would be celebrating our ten-year wedding anniversary this weekend. Ha! We aren't, and none of these links have anything to do with marriage, but enjoy them anyway!

Shaun King's 25-part series on the solutions to police brutality.

Twenty tricks to get your kids to open up about their day.

I was impressed to read that an entire high school football team took a knee during the national anthem.

Little Miss Flint meeting Donald Trump is all of us.

A photographer spends years documenting her bipolar mother.

This piece explains cultural appropriation and why it's wrong.

This article discusses preserving children's innocence as an act of white supremacy.

A photo of a woman pumping while running half-marathon is a testament of doing what it takes.

I appreciated this article on lessons learned from executing two men.

This video on white fragility should be required viewing at any workplace.

Three must-read pieces on the massive prison strike taking place right now.

Bill Nye to write science series.

Eight healthy pizza crust alternatives.

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