21 September 2016


There is so much to be said (on repeat) this week. If you read nothing else today, let it be from this list.

Yes, it is about race, and this is an excellent explanation why.

Powerful thoughts from your black friend.

Kat Blaque.

Police fabricate charges. 

Get over your white feelings and take action for black lives

White America, it's time to take a knee. 

Seriously, white people, we need to get to work now. 

Terrence Crutcher can't stand for the national anthem, so neither can I

Shaun King

Shaun King. 

And again, Shaun King. 

Massachusetts high court rules black men may have legitimate reason to flee police. 

The stages of what happens when there's injustice against black people. 

And, drumroll, the Black Lives Matter syllabus

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