25 August 2016


So here's a a throwback Thursday for you. This gem popped up in my memories from seven years ago.

Scroll fast if you might be bothered by a picture of a scalded, defeathered chicken.

Because there is one.

Fair warning.

Just so we're clear, this isn't a post about PETA. Or chickens. I wouldn't even be sharing this if it weren't for the memory it sparked and the train of thought that followed.

Now, some backstory: Quite a few years ago, there was a demonstration at a McDonald's downtown to call attention to the process that their suppliers use to kill chickens, and to appeal to McDonald's to request that their suppliers employ a more humane method.

In the days and weeks leading up to the demonstration, I was in contact with the organizers and those planning on attending via email and facebook. There was one college-aged man that posted daily, trying to turn the demonstration into an anti-killing protest. He felt that no one should eat animals, and thus, no animals should be killed at all.

To him, the only solution was one where everyone became vegan, thus rendering the need for humane killing methods obsolete. 

He failed to see the value in taking one step toward positive change. To him, it was all or nothing; there was no point in even showing up if people were still going to eat chicken.

And he didn't show up.

So why do I mention this?

It made me realize there are often those who want there to be a be all and end all solution to situations, and if there's not, there's no use in anyone trying.

Like, everyone should get along no matter what race you are.

Well, yeah, that's ideal. What's not ideal is those who say such things shutting down the need for ending the disproportionate brutality and incarceration rates of black people.

Fight systemic racism? Nah, we all need to just get along.

In my college days, even before this photo, I took a gender and communication class. The class was very divided in terms of how gender roles, feminism, and the like were viewed, and discussions were often heated. One particular discussion ended with a girl, beyond frustrated, throwing out, "We have a woman trying to run for president right now. What more do we need?!"

Like, Hillary'08 eradicated the need for feminism. We're done here, women.

Working toward a better future takes time. We progress in steps- sometimes seemingly going back after we've gone forward. Often the biggest stumbling blocks are those standing in the way, pushing with the why bothers, or telling us that the steps we're taking are too little, or that we need to be going in a different direction. They might see the big picture and assume it too lofty, not realizing that's what we're working toward, slowly and painstakingly, but we're working toward it.

Keep working toward it.

If you're fighting the good fight- whatever it may be- keep at it. Each step you're taking is making a difference, especially when added to the efforts of others who have paved the way thus far.

By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass, right?

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