19 August 2016


I have things I should be doing online, like finding a solution to my phone problem, as it's been searching for service for a month now, and I'm out of warranty and nowhere near an upgrade. Instead, I'm finding more enjoyable things to look for and share with you.

Have you seen the trailer for Hidden Figures? I rarely see movies in the theatre anymore, but f I could buy tickets this far in advance, I would.

Thoughts on feminism after a male friend was disgusted by seeing tampons.

This makes me sad his time is almost up, but here's Obama on what a feminist looks like.

Looking back on Claudia Kishi 30 years after the Baby-sitters Club debuted.

Two men open up mobile showers for the homeless.

Is it possible to read too much about Simone Biles making history? I didn't think so.

Thoughts on Ryan Lochte and white privilege.

The struggle of the introverted mother

The story of a mother yelling at her adult son for shaming a breastfeeding woman made me laugh.

On judging parents for putting children at perceived, but unreal risk.

This video depicts what would happen if male athletes were asked the same questions as female athletes.

I love Andy Murray shutting down a casually sexist comment.

An Anne of Green Gables series is coming to Netflix.

An ode to Marge Simpson.

Because it's the time of year I think of attempting freezer meals, here are ten healthy meals to make and freeze for later.

This bread recipe might be perfect with soup.

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