26 July 2016


I've been looking for a new recipe for rolling balls ever since I lost my last one in a sudden, tragic laptop accident last fall.

If you didn't know, "rolling balls" is the technical term for edible balls comprised of dates, seeds, and/or nuts. At least according to my children.

My oldest requested them the other day. Despite our best efforts at auditioning new recipes, we have yet to find a clear winner, so I decided to experiment.

In the past, we've stuck with a combination of various seeds. I've been occasionally making no-bake brownies that use dates and walnuts and figured why not give them a go in our rolling balls. Hell, since we're being inspired by brownies, why not make them chocolate, too.


I am beginning to understand why my grandma always added walnuts to her chocolate desserts. I might have understood earlier, had I ate them instead of picking them off of every brownie and slice of cake she served me. (Okay, and out of cookies, too, but I forever maintain nuts have no place in cookies.)

But really, I'm sold on these and will be adding them to our regular rotation.

You'll need:

• 01 cup loosely packed dates
• 2/3 cup pumpkin seeds
• 2/3 cup walnuts
•  01 scant Tbsp melted coconut oil
• 02 tsp cocoa powder

Add all ingredients to food processor. My coconut oil wasn't completely melted, but it was soft as it sits in my kitchen and it's the middle of summer.

Process until mixture starts to pull away from the sides. This can take a minute. My dates had been in the refrigerator, but when they haven't been refrigerated, a large ball often forms. Both instances are fine.

With slightly wet hands, roll a teaspoon sized amount into a ball.

Continue rolling balls, setting them to the side as you go so that you can take a picture of the finished product. Remain completely oblivious to the fact that your child is sneaking them, thus leaving you with no completed balls to photograph.

They're also great if you put them in the refrigerator to firm up for a few minutes before eating.

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