29 July 2016


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I've got three day weekends lined up for the next two weeks. It's birthday season in our house! It officially kicked off with my husband's two weeks ago; next up, my baby boy turns 2 on Monday and my oldest will be five the Monday after. We are going to be swimming in balloons and cake, and I cannot wait. I was admittedly unsure how I felt having two kids with birthdays so close, but now that seems like a ridiculous thing to worry about. I mean, I have a free pass to leave streamers up for a week straight.

I have a few errands to run to make sure everything is ready for C's party, but other than that, it's a fairly low-key weekend. I hope yours is equally fantastic.

Here's a few links to enjoy!

Speaking of things we don't speak of. Because miscarriages, and women's bodies and experiences aren't taboo.

Signs your yoga practice is culturally appropriated and why it matters.

When families can't afford summer.

Luvvie on Michelle Obama's DNC speech. (Which, watching again!)

Mixed reactions of prominent feminists to Hillary's nomination.

A Kentucky high school's ban on natural hairstyles condemns black culture.

Absolutely. This woman eye-rolling at a Trump supporter is all of us.

Non-threatening leadership strategies for women.

I cannot stop looking at and laughing over these pictures of Bill Clinton with balloons.

I do have birthday parties to plan, but you don't really need an excuse for this donut wall (pictured above).

If you haven't been following Lisa Frank on Instagram, you're welcome.

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