22 July 2016


I thought it was Friday last night, which was an unfortunate realization. Though, I do have a three day weekend because Monday is a state holiday. I don't exactly do anything to celebrate Utah's statehood, but it does mean there's another week of fireworks that I get to help my children sleep through. Yay, July. But also the anniversary sale, so really, yay July.

Here's some links for your weekend. Hope it's a good one- whether you're avoiding a heatwave, avoiding fireworks, or shopping.

Why you should vote for Hilary. In case it needs spelling out.

Trevor Noah's reaction is gold.

This is what community policing should look like. Always.

Michelle Obama on carpool karaoke is just another reason why I miss her already.

This video details what the world needs to know about Black Lives Matter.

This cartoon breaks down the problem with being colorblind.

Dem's interns respond with their own selfie.

Shaun King delivered.

Self care for my friends of color.

One hundred women posed naked as part of a peaceful protest at the RNC.

Forty things everyone but you is doing this summer.

The new Ghostbusters doesn't have to be perfect.

Why society blames victims.

How marginalized families are pushed out of the PTA.

This guide to discussing racism should be printed and passed out as needed.

Seventeen poems to read when the world is too much.

A list of books to teach young children about bias, diversity, and social justice.

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