17 June 2016


I spent this week sick, after thinking I dodged catching whatever the rest of my family had. Really, don't bank on your immunity until at least a full week or two has passed. I don't know the last time I've been so sick. On top of being physically ill, it's been an emotionally tumultuous week following the massacre in Orlando.

Here's some things I read this week that I want to share. They might seem a bit heavy, but that's par for the course this week. They're worth reading and thinking about. Here's to deeper insight and perspective that allows us to understand more and love better.

In whitewashing the pulse shooting, we dehumanize the victims.

What we know about the 49 victims.

Think about what it's like to be an LGBT youth today.

What happens when a gay person grows up in an anti-gay home.

What Stonewall and the first prides teach us about anti-lgbt attacks today.

Why is Omar Mateen a terrorist, but not Dylann Roof?

Comfort dogs for Orlando.

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

This video.

On alligators and gorillas, but not really.

Cartoonist reimagines world where girls haul books, not water.

Minimum wage workers can't afford to live anywhere in the US.

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