05 May 2016


Mother's Day is this weekend. For a lot of women, there will be brunch, flowers, and if luck prevails, a nap.

For a lot of women, this weekend will be one of celebrating, perhaps a silly holiday, but one that, nonetheless, makes them feel happy and appreciated. And that's wonderful, truly. It's the whole point of the day.

For a lot of women, though, this weekend will be difficult.

This post goes out to them.

To the woman who longs to be a mother- for the first time, or again. The ache in your heart is matched only by the ache in your arm; a dull, empty pain that can't be explained, only experienced. I wish you peace and hope amid uncertainty.

To the woman who longs to hold her child once more. I can think of no greater sorrow. May you have all the comfort and strength you need.

To the woman who feels undeserving of recognition. What you're doing matters. You're doing enough, even though it's difficult to see it from the trenches. I hope that you can allow yourself a glimpse of the greatness you're contributing to and grace to overlook your shortcomings.

To the woman who is not a mother, but is told she should be celebrated as such because she's a woman. You are valuable because you are you, today, not because of who you might choose to become in the future. Your worth is not tied to a role, and you shouldn't allow yourself to feel that what you're doing now is somehow less important than raising and nurturing children.

To the woman wanting to be remembered and recognized. Even if you have to get your own card to read it, you're worthy of appreciation.

To the woman missing her mother. May you have nothing but the happiest memories and while they aren't the same thing, may they be the next best thing.

To the woman who has chosen to not involve a toxic mother in her life. Whether you're not in contact, or haven't cut that final tie yet, choosing to end one of the most basic of relationships is not simple. I hope you have support and peace of mind in a decision many are not likely to understand.

To anyone and everyone struggling- Mother's Day is simple to some, but it brings up complicated and often difficult feelings for many.

Do what it takes to get through. Buy yourself flowers. Buy yourself a gift. Stay off facebook. Stay home from church and read a book, or take your kids on a picnic. Celebrate in your own way, or choose to not celebrate at all.

A lack of understanding or empathy from others does not make your feelings any less valid. Acknowledge them. Honor them.

I hope you have peace and comfort. I hope you know that you are valued, you matter, and, if nothing else, tomorrow is a new day.

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