13 May 2016


I, for one, am so glad to have made it to the weekend. I think my week can be summed up with a single line from my four-year-old today: "There's an ant in our house! I will get it some food!"

We're one big cycle of strange over here and I'm not superstitious so I can't even blame it on Friday the 13th. I still managed to get in some reading this week, though. Here's a few of my favorite pieces:

As a mother of a child with special needs, I think about the illusion of inclusion a lot.

Brown and black boys don't need to learn more grit, they need schools to become less racist.

Everyone needs to read why Becky should become a slur and then read it again.

This is more entertaining to me than it should be.

I was laughing through this compilation of obituaries a mother wrote for their child living in San Francisco throughout their twenties.

Here is a real obituary that I loved.

Recognize bias.

Rashida Jones' guide to being a thoughtful feminist. 

The problem with a technology revolution designed for men. 

This article was fascinating to me.

Why we should stop saying "I feel." 

What it means to hold space for someone.

I've probably made these brownies by the time you're reading this.

Happy weekend!

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