25 March 2016


I spent my morning at the Social Security office with LB. I must have brought fourteen different documents from their approved list, but they sent me away, telling me to return with one not listed. So I did, and the new person I saw wondered why I brought it. Ha! Oh well. We accomplished what we set out to do, and not even two hours in a government office can put a damper on this weekend. Easter weekend might be my favorite weekend of the year.

We're dying eggs tonight. We used food for coloring last year and loved the results, so we're doing the same this time around. Here are some great tips and ideas to try.

- An older, but still relevant post on what it's like to write about hate repeatedly.

- Have you read this article on why we should all become Jews?  

- This is why everyone should care about the new anti-LGBTQ law that was passed.

- I'm putting this book on the untold stories of black girls on my list to order now.

- Have you read any of the biographies of incredible women on this list? What about this list?

- Hey, here's another book list.

- A heartbreaking situation to stem from, but an important step toward the destigmatization of depression and suicide.

- You should wear sunscreen all the time, but it's getting warm enough to be outside more. Check to see how your sunscreen scores here.

- I'm tempted to make these eggless deviled eggs, or at the very least, the filling. Best part, anyway, right?

- I've been eyeing these terrariums. I found this tutorial on how to make your own.

- If you have the time: here is a tutorial for a giant egg pinata and here is a tutorial for giant origami rabbits.

Happy weekend! I hope you spend it with those you love.

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