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Hippie. Crunchy. Call me what you will. Natural products are my thing, and by natural I mean the ingredients grew somewhere other than a lab.

My move into The Natural Zone was always looming, but having kids really kicked things into place. I wasn't about to put harmful products on my babies, no matter how pretty the packaging or misleading the labels. The products we put on our skin are ultimately absorbed into our bloodstream, with as much as 60% being absorbed depending on the area of the body it's applied. No way will I settle for less than absolutely safe for my babies.

I've researched and double checked each individual ingredient on the products they use- their sunscreen, soap, and hair products. I just made gel for my two-year-old using nothing but flax seeds, so, you know, I'm leveling up.

It's only been the last two to three years that I've taken serious inventory of the products I use for myself. I've switched out my shampoo, my makeup, my deodorant, well... Deodorant is another story.

I have tried, many times, to use natural deodorants. The results have ranged from incredibly irritated skin due to a tea tree oil oil mishap, to deodorants that really just don't work. At all. The last one I picked up for Jason and I to try had us applying it at least four times a day and still stinking by dinner time. After the third day, we were stinking by lunch. And the fourth day, we were back to using our not-natural, but effective, trusty go-to.

I was considering making our own and had a recipe I wanted to try, when Zak Body contacted me to promote their, wouldn't you know it, natural deodorant. It was probably a sign.

I checked out their website to make sure it was something I felt good about trying. I entered each ingredient they used into the EWG's cosmetic database, where each ingredient scored in the 1-2 range, which signifies the lowest hazard (all but one ingredient scored a 1, that ingredient scored 2).

Satisfied, I told them I would be interested and they sent me out a stick to try.

Zak deodorant is free of aluminum which, you know is bad for you, right? Also missing are parabens and sulfates. I can get behind this.

I applied it as one normally applies a stick of deodorant, no fancy methods for me, and waited. Okay, I should clarify that I applied this in the morning- clean slate. I waited for any sort of reaction; my skin is very sensitive and switching products can often cause a flare up. Nothing. Not even the slightest irritation.

It claims all day protection, but I've been deceived before. I went about my day, occasionally doing the sniff test to see how it was working. The scent is a bit masculine, and by a bit I mean I smelled like my husband. I use the same deodorant as he does, anyway, so nothing out of the ordinary. Unless, that is out of the ordinary. I don't know. It comes in one additional scent, plus unscented.

Where was I? Oh, yes. End of Day One: I smell just the same as I did at the beginning of the day and still no irritation, and don't you wish you were getting these updates in your newsfeed?

Day Two is where I thought it might get a little tricky. You see, daily showers used to be a thing around here, but three kids and little sleep and the very real likelihood of them wandering the neighborhood or setting the house on fire should I leave them for even two minutes means showers are an every other day before bed sort of thing.

I was skeptical, but gave it a shot. I kept up the sniff test all morning, but by afternoon I was full-on Mary Katherine Gallagher-ing it, looking for the slightest hint that this deodorant wasn't living up to its all day protection claim.

But it lasted. It lasted through errands and chasing kids. I wish I could say it lasted through an intense workout, but I didn't attempt an intense workout. Planks, though. Where are my plankers at?

I've been using this for a week now and honestly, I like it. I was looking for a new, natural deodorant that worked without irritating my skin, and this got the job done.

Zak wants to give one of my readers a stick of their own. Or you can share with someone, I mean, do as you wish with your toiletries.

For real, though. If you're looking to clean up the products you use, give this a try. Or at least enter.


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Continue reading more about Zak, in their own words, after the jump:

People of all ages and walks of life are certainly not at ease with body odor. More and more people are seeking natural solutions but never at the expense of powerful effectiveness. So it is certainly a breath of fresh air to discover natural products that really work.

To address these concerns, ZAK Body Care, an innovator in natural deodorant protection, introduces ZAK Deodorants.

"We produce our superior deodorants because we want people to say goodbye to natural deodorants that don’t work. ZAK Deodorants are made to last. Our perfectly unscented deodorant is totally unscented and works well to neutralize odor. Our Elevate and Energize fragrances are made from 100% pure essential oils to give the deodorants pleasant fragrances for men and women and they provide powerful odor protection and nourishing ingredients, like a deodorant should,” says Zak Lyon, Founder and CEO of Zak Body Products.

There is a myriad of synthetic deodorants in the market and most of them are effective in suppressing perspiration and body odor. But they contain aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol and phtalates - chemicals that are potentially harmful to your health. Aluminum is a known disruptor in vital systems of the human brain and body and parabens are believed to cause high blood pressure and cancer. When applied, deodorants can penetrate through the skin down to the bloodstream. Their harmful ingredients have this tendency to cause damage to your health especially if they are

ZAK Deodorants, on the other hand, nourish the skin when they penetrate. ZAK Deodorants are healthy and work to provide body odor protection all day. It contains nothing but all-natural ingredients that are proven to stop body odor and keep you feeling fresh and clean all day despite an active lifestyle. It is a gentle, aluminum-free deodorant that works to keep your underarms soft, safe and clean.It has no side effects and it can only guarantee 100% protection from offensive body smell.

Because ZAK Deodorants are completely natural, you can certainly expect it to deliver specific health benefits.

• ZAK contains coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and essential oils. These ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that help to keep your body odor-free and healthy on a cellular level.

• It has a natural, subdued fragrance you will surely like.

• Unlike synthetic deodorants, ZAK deodorant doesn't cause the pores of your underarm to clog. While ensuring protection, it allows your skin to perform its job of releasing potentially toxic substances from within your body through sweat.

• The absence of chemicals in a natural deodorant helps to keep you free from allergic and adverse skin reactions.

• ZAK Deodorants provide the same level of odor protection while nurturing your skin. It keeps your armpits soft and free from dark spots that are often caused by synthetic products.

• It boosts your self-confidence and keeps you free from fears of smelling bad or making a bad impression, not to mention it’s free from the side-effects of artificial chemical deodorants.

In this busy and active world, it is quite easy to sweat and get body odor. While some synthetic deodorants work effectively to suppress body smell, there is never a guarantee that they are safe. It's a must for everyone to smell fresh, but it wouldn't be prudent to take the risk of using hazardous chemical products to achieve it.

"I love this deodorant! With energize I have finally found a happy alternative to the deodorants with aluminum and other natural deodorants that just aren’t quite effective. I have previously had issues with other natural deodorants because they give me irritations and rashes. ZAK’s works for me all the time. As a college student I am always running around and trying to go from class to class and ZAK’s can keep up with me and keep me fresh, even after hot yoga and long runs. I have already recommended this product to all my friends and can’t wait for ZAK Detox to expand.Well worth the price!" says Sophia, a college student from Colorado.

With ZAK, you don't have to gamble with chemical-laced products to stop body odor. It can actually give you the best of both worlds. It is a great natural deodorant for men and women. You should try it now.

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  1. Thanks for putting our deodorants to a serious test! You checked the EWG rating of all our ingredients, WE LOVE IT, way to go! We've got nothing to hide! Our ingredients rock! Thanks so much for your honest opinion, we are so glad they surpassed your expectations!

    We love making natural, healthy products and we love our customers and partners!

    We have new deodorant coming very very soon! They're all new deodorant formulas that are just as effective! Very exciting! Check our website for the new listings.

    p.s. I enjoyed the bits of humor throughout your post ;)