04 February 2016


I had the thought today that I should go for a run this weekend. I pondered on it a bit, then laughed because, uh, who am I? I don't run. Also, it's freezing outside and I have things I need to be doing that require me to not catch pneumonia and/or pull a muscle. Things like:

- Recreate the KIND Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt nut bar.

- Valentines.

- And more valentines. S knows just what she wants to make to pass out this year and I love it.

- Get the book I need for the book club I decided to join. Book clubs are not my thing, by the way. Books, yes. Book clubs, no.

- Make the veggie lasagna I have been craving for weeks now.

- Get my hair cut. Or decide I'm not going to. Am I alone in this annual struggle?

- Shovel the pile of ice and snow that has accumulated where my driveway meets the road and makes a sickening crunch when backed over because I THOUGHT I BACKED OVER A PERSON TODAY.

- Find the cloth intended to clean my glasses. The one that should be in my glasses case but small children and all, which, incidentally, is why I need to find that cloth. I'm at the point I can't decide if I can see better without glasses or with smudged lenses.

- Pick up some plants for my house. Also a hanging planter. Preferably macrame

- Take some WD-40 to my neighbor whose garage door I can hear opening as I type this, as well as every night at this time. Dude needs it.

I mean, maybe I could manage this list with a pulled muscle. I'm reconsidering that run. Hashtag yikes. Hashtag twenty six point two. Hashtag quitting before I get too much farther behind.

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