16 February 2016


Long weekends are my favorite. That extra day to transition back to the grind is ideal. I think we should have them twice a month.

I might even be persuaded to vote for anyone who might implement them as standard. That, and no tax on donuts. Are you feeling me, candidates?

Our weekend was fairly low key. Aside from relaxing as much as is possible with small children, here are a few highlights:

- I realized that I do like getting roses on Valentine's Day, especially when I'm woken up to a bouquet of them in my face from my kids. Pizza is still my favorite V-day meal, and heart shaped anything seems to taste better.

- It should be noted, somewhere, that I finally made a cookie that my kids didn't finish. Oversized, heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies, like the ones you see in the mall, with their names piped in icing seem to be too much for them. Now I know.

- I might have taken advantage of $10 dresses and ordered this one and this one.  Also, these. Maybe stay tuned for the final verdict.

- I also might have gotten hooked on The Hallmark Channel. Embarrassing, perhaps, but I'm making good on my movie watching resolution. Also, Mark Consuelos as a fireman is not a bad thing.

- We baked banana bread. I used this recipe, and subbed flaxseed for eggs, because allergies. It was good, but I'm not entirely sold on it being my go-to banana bread recipe. I'm getting to a point in life that I need to have go-to recipes. I used to make my grandma's recipe, but there was something about that second cup of sugar that sent me searching for a new one. I know grandmas say their special ingredient is love, but it's really sugar- a whole three cups.

- Speaking of flaxseed, I made a batch of flaxseed gel for LB's hair. I've seen rave reviews and decided to try it. I intended to add okra, but my children have dumped out my supply while playing in the freezer. I am loving the flaxseed gel so far.

- I took a nap, which might not sound like much, but really, was wonderful. I used to feel guilty for napping, but now they are so few and far between that I take them when I can get them. I might be putting my to-do list on hold, but my mind and body never regret taking a nap.

- We had enchiladas for dinner last night. We used to make them often, but life got a little hectic there for, oh, a year and a half or so, and dinners that took more than 15-20 minutes total were the first thing to go. Now that I feel like I can breathe most days, dinner is back on. I might like the whole act of making dinner from scratch even more than I like eating it, especially now that my girls help out.

- I'm starting to feel the spring cleaning bug coming on. I scrubbed a few cupboards and walls and am ready to make a list of all that I need to get done. Anyone else feeling that urge to purge? I just feel better when everything is clean and tidy and clutter is at a minimum, for the three minutes it stays that way, at least.

- I watched Kendrick Lamar's Grammy performance to end the night. Okay, I watched it twice because, well, did you see it?

And now? Possibly my favorite perk of a long weekend, aside from the long weekend itself, is that it's now Tuesday, and we're that much closer to the end of the week. Bring it, I say.

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