12 February 2016


Valentine's Day has never really been my thing, as far as romance and chocolates and flowers go. I mean, we celebrate. Sort of.

We went out to eat once when we were first married. There was a two hour wait at the restaurant, but strategic standing on our part caused for a hostess to grab us and take us to a table at least an hour and forty minutes earlier than should have been the case. The glares and side eye from one-third of the lobby told me so.

I can think of one other actual Valentine's date in the past ten years, and that was only because friends offered to watch our oldest, then six-months-old, so we could go out.

Eating pizza at home is more my style. Is pizza a love language? It might be mine.

There was once a discussion at my husband's office about what everyone was getting their wives. When he said "pizza," he was told he really should reconsider. "Trust me," he said. "I know my wife."

And he does. Seriously, throw in some brownies and my heart is eternally yours. Well, his. No roses required to get a little v-day action, even.

What I'm saying is, February 14th isn't as high stakes of a day in our relationship as it might be in others. I love that.

I also love that I get to celebrate it in a fun, slightly ridiculous way with my kids. We make valentines to send to special family and friends. We're now entering the era of school parties. S wanted to make paper hearts to pass out to her class and I loved helping her out with that- watching her creative process and see just how excited she was.

She's also convinced she will be getting chocolate and flowers for Valentine's Day. Clearly, she didn't get that from me, but her heart is set on it and, you guys, four-years-old is a little too young to start associating Valentines Day with broken hearts and shattered dreams.

So flowers. And personalized sugar cookies. And heart balloons. And leaving their gifts on the front porch without them suspecting us. I might be a little excited.

Heaven help me, I cannot bring myself to get behind the idea of Santa Claus, but I am a major advocate for the magic of Valentine's Day for the sake of children.

My point is:

Valentine's Day is this weekend.

Are you dreading it?

Do you have a new dress and reservations?

Are you just waiting for candy to go on sale?

Own it. Whatever your take on this day of love, however commercial or historical you want to make it, own it.

Hate the day with a passion. Blame your being single on every jerk you've ever dated and blast that ish on facebook. Solidarity.

Did you get flowers? Post four pictures from different angles. Please. I want to see. I mean, your guy is the best, so offer up that photographic proof!

Galentines is a thing, as it should be. Will you be celebrating it out or inside in sweats?

Partying with your kids? So am I.

Let's do this.

And, for what it's worth, remember that you are loved. You are worth loving. You are worthy of loving yourself. You matter. You matter in heels and lipstick, and you matter at the grocery store buying half-priced chocolate.

Consider this my store-bought, stuck to a box of conversation hearts and left on your doorstep valentine to you. (Because power to the store-bought valentines.)


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  1. I went and brought heart pizza to my friend and her mother. They just had there uncle pass from cancer..