06 January 2016


Because if I write it down on paper, there's a good chance I'll never see it again.

- Buy a planner. I thought it was too early to buy one for 2016 back in September, October, and November when I was trying to be prepared. Now that 2016 is here, I needed a planner six days ago.

- Find socks my four-year-old will wear.

- Decide what to do with the butternut squash currently waiting to be used, because New Year's resolutions are in effect and I'm not about to let another piece of produce go to waste.

- Take down Christmas cards. Possibly the only Christmas decor I don't take down by lunchtime December 25.

- Figure out if I can block obnoxious YouTube channels of kids playing with toys while parents narrate. I will take Surprise Egg videos over these any day.

- Mop my floor.

- Determine if there are any messy activities we can fit in or messy meals we can eat before I mop my floor.

- Find a twirling dress for my four-year-old that is as good as the one my two-year-old has. In the (dramatic) words of my four-year-old, "I wish I had a dress that twirls as good as LB's. Have you bought one on the internet for me yet?"

- Get my basement organization in check.

- I feel I should add take a nap here. I mean, if only to keep me accountable.

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