08 January 2016


Sometimes my younger two take naps really well. Sometimes they get into my makeup instead. And sometimes my two-year-old applies winged liner better than I can.

In unrelated news, here's a few links I found interesting. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I'm hoping to spend mine in my bed with orange juice and soup and movies while I try to get over the cough and cold I came down with out of nowhere.


This video popped up on my facebook news feed as something I shared five years ago. It's still funny.

I can't call myself a Belieber. But... I like that this video of his has an Asian man in the starring role, accompanied by an Asian woman. I also like that my baby boy danced to it and requested it again and again, but seriously, awesome casting.

I think a lot can be learned from this article on casual racism.

Here are some ideas for entertaining your children when you don't want to move or talk much.

This article about the last five percent was interesting, thought-provoking, and, unexpectedly, just a tiny bit disconcerting.

I love this salon on wheels.

Have you read any of the books from this list?

Did you hear that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions? Kidding. But he is giving awesome advice.

This is what Inside Out looks like without the emotions.

I like the idea of this salad. It doesn't seem like something I can just throw together for lunch any day of the week, but I might make it a point to try it.

This soup looks more like something I would whip up, minus the bread.

Elderberry syrup for colds and flu? It might be worth a shot. When I feel like I can actually move.

I've been wanting to make a weighted blanket for awhile. Here's a tutorial that looks easy enough.

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