19 January 2016


We took our kids to a rally and march for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It was an incredible experience and, even marching in thirty degree weather in the pouring rain, there was nowhere else I would have rather been.

At the rally, college students performed spoken word. Beyond committing to attending more poetry slams, there were a few things that really stuck with me.

One of the women said, "They expect me to let go of the past, but that would mean letting go of progress."


There is so much that has been done.

There is still so much to do.

As we readied to leave the auditorium and make our way out in the rain, the organizer of the event reminded us that we were there to honor Dr. King and the progress that had been made and to look toward the work that still needed to be done.

So what can you do?

Speak up.

Speak out against every act of injustice, no matter how small.

Speak out against casual racism.

Question motives.


Demand what is right.

Expect what is fair.

Don't be silent.

Don't stop progress.

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