14 January 2016


So S properly said Costco tonight, pronouncing the "t" and second "c" for the first time ever.


It's usually, "coss-oh."

For awhile, when she was two, it was "cookie." I would point out landmarks as we'd drive:

There's the track!

Do you see the library?

Hey, look! It's Costco!

I have no idea how it started, but she'd get a sly little smile and say, "No, cookie!" It progressed to the point that she would call out "cookie" every time she saw the store, or even when she knew we were close.

I told her that story last week. She thought it was ridiculous. "I called coss-oh, "cookie?"

But then tonight, "Cost-co."

Seriously, you go for soup and hummus and those sweet potato crackers and come out with a ridiculous reminder that the tiniest parts of babyhood and toddlerhood that were just hanging on are almost gone. We're nearing full on childhood now, and it's wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

And then it's college applications.

We do still have "Whole Pyoods," though. A hundred paper cuts to anyone that tries to correct that one.

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