28 January 2016


True to my slow to decorate form, my mantle is just now getting some attention. It's been decorated here and there, but I've yet to find something I like well enough to keep. I mean, I know I can always throw a flat screen up there and call it good, but prominently displaying a television just isn't my jam, I guess, so it's been a work in progress.

I was looking for a quote or phrase to put in a frame and came up with this. I put a lot of work into getting the letter stickers onto the poster board. They would have been straight, but a toddler was assisting me, and after keeping it up for a couple weeks, the wonkiness has grown on me. That is, I have justified that it would now be too much work to take it out and straighten it; former perfectionist, be damned.

Really, though, as I thought of all the four word quotes that would fit in this frame and that I'd want to see daily, this is the one I kept coming back to.



While it can seem largely circumstantial, happiness is a choice, and it's a choice you make over and over again.

First, though, you have to decide to believe that you deserve happiness. You're entitled to it. And you're the only one responsible for it.

When you make that decision, when you subscribe to the mentality that happiness is a mindset you create; when you decide that you deserve to be happy, that you're going to be content, you hold onto that so tightly that it seeps deep into who you are.

It doesn't mean you will never experience sadness. One emotion, one state of mind, will never permanently negate another, and it shouldn't. Choosing to be happy doesn't mean you don't allow yourself to be sad or angry.

When sadness creeps in, and it does; when bad days happen, and they do, you will have that bone-deep conviction of happiness to draw from. It might take awhile to get through, but rest on the knowledge that you deserve joy, that you've felt it before, and that you will get back to it. (Though, any struggle you feel that isn't typical, or any longer than normal rough patch warrants a visit with a mental healthcare professional. All the happy thoughts in the world aren't enough for a chemical imbalance.)

Choosing to be happy is a reminder to look past the truly insignificant in order to enjoy the present. It's a reminder to take responsibility for how you feel, rather than waiting on x, y, and z to line up before celebrating.

Choosing to be happy is empowering. It's life-giving. It's incredibly simple, but equally crucial.

Choose to be happy. You deserve it.

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