02 December 2015


I get that it's hard for some people to know what's appropriate to say and when. I call those people children. Wait, I mean--

In an effort to help the adults among us, I went ahead and put together this handy guide to get you started.

Instead of saying, "Could you not have your own kids?" say, "Sometimes I find myself talking and I cannot stop. I'm looking into it."

Instead of saying, "What's the story with their birth mother?" say, "How about this weather lately?"

Instead of saying, "Are you going to tell them they're adopted" say, "I'm trying to see what different people look like with a blank expression on their face. Can you give it a go?"

Instead of saying, "I work with a girl whose sister adopted. They got the baby home and then the real parents changed their mind," say, nothing.

Instead of saying, "Now you'll get pregnant," say, nothing. Seriously. You don't even have to open your mouth.

Instead of saying, "I don't see how someone could just give their kid away. I could never do that," say, nothing. Okay, okay. If you insist on saying something, why not try, "I'm not sure why, but I'm feeling a really intense desire to be punched right now."

Hope this helps!

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