29 December 2015


In light of the unsurprising, yet ever infuriating decision to not indict the two officers responsible for the murder of Tamir Rice, here are a few articles about race and racism that I think are very important. If you are white, please realize that the discomfort you might choose to hide behind is a luxury afforded by your white privilege- please, please let yourself be uncomfortable so you can learn. I could list a few dozen more, but I will start with these.

This article addresses and puts to rest many people's go-to subject changer of "Black on Black violence."

A list of eleven ways White America avoids taking responsibility for its racism.

Explaining white privilege.

A plea to teach your white child to recognize racism toward their friend of color and how to stand up against it. I will add my own voice to please, please read and put this into action.

This article articulates just why Black children in America don't get to be children.

This woman recorded the racist things done and said to her for two weeks. Are you guilty of any?

How to teach kids about racism was written after Ferguson and has several resources to get you started.  

This is another list of resources for teaching children.

And here is another. There are zero excuses to not start talking right now. Find what works for your children and please, start that conversation.

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