23 December 2015


I've felt like I've been at a standstill this week. I haven't had a lot to get done- just the usual laundry and cleaning and keeping everyone fed and clothed. Really, the most pressing thing I needed to get done was address the last of our Christmas cards, which I tried, and failed, to do Sunday, Monday, and then again on Tuesday. (Who doesn't enjoy a late card, though?)

I'm not weighed down by a lot of busy holiday stressors that get to people, but still, I've felt like I've been walking in place. I've gone to bed feeling like I spent the entire day picking up the same three things over and over again, without accomplishing much of anything.

I woke up this morning, after trying and failing to write a post last night, thinking I could set my kids up with something to do and get a post published early. It might have happened, were it not for the counter that needed to be cleared up, that snowballed into unloading the dishwasher, then sorting laundry, then picking up books-- and then it was lunch time and I still hadn't opened my computer.

The babies put up a good fight at nap time- C went down first, but LB wasn't having it. As I held and rocked her, my mind went to all the places I was falling short, frustrated at my inability to get anything done.

But then I consciously slowed my breathing, knowing that's the quickest way to get her to sleep, and my thoughts turned to the idea that maybe I needed to adjust my perspective. If I don't want to feel like I'm failing, maybe my priorities need to change. So I thought about what matters most- what is the most important thing I should be doing every day?

My children are loved. They are fed. They are smiling.

My oldest told me a story of a mean witch that was going to eat people, but it was okay because she was going to teach the witch about Jesus and then she'd turn nice.

I might feel like I'm failing, and sometimes I am, but little by little, things are getting done. The important things. The things that matter most.

If you're frustrated and overwhelmed and feel like you're going a hundred miles an hour in a dozen different directions and not getting anywhere, stand still for a minute. Reevaluate where your priorities should be. Chances are, you're doing a better job than you think.

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  1. Well said Whitney! I feel like this ALL THE TIME. Perspective helps.