02 November 2015


This was Halloween.

My littlest mermaid. My Fievel. My purple mermaid.

I went as Tiger. Gotta get in the coordinating costumes while I can.

And now?

My sewing machine is put away.

The candy has been taken to Jason's office. (It was hardly an issue for them to give up when presented with leftover birthday cake, instead.)

I still have a few lingering decorations up. I could just grab them and take them downstairs now, but if we're being honest, they'll be up until next weekend.

My oldest wore her costume all day long, only changing out of to paint our pumpkins.

Christmas music might be playing on the radio, we're still giving gourds center stage over here- it's not the cleanest cut transition-wise, but I'm going to go ahead and close the book on Halloween weekend.

I'm calling it a success.

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