29 October 2015


My oldest had her class Halloween program and party today. It was her very first school party. She talked about it all week long and was so excited to wear her purple mermaid costume that, luckily, turned out just how she wanted it.

The program was first thing in the morning, so after dropping her off at her classroom, Jason and I sat with the babies in the school gym to watch twenty little kids march in wearing their costumes and sing the songs they'd been practicing. It was easily one of the best things I've ever sat through, especially when she introduced herself as "S Bear," her nickname at home, instead of just S.

We hung around just long enough to take pictures afterward, then Jason went to work and my mermaid girl went back to her classroom to do works for a bit before her party started. I gathered up the babies and went home, feeling just the tiniest bit heavy-hearted.

See, I've always imagined I would be helping at her class parties. I don't have an ounce of PTA in me, but I sort of always planned on helping out in her classroom and going on field trips. The reality, however, is that with two younger kids and no babysitter, I would have spent the entire time chasing them around, keeping them from eating beads. So while my heart wanted so badly to be there, logistics won out and I went home

But to those parents who stayed?

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be there. You might have taken off work yourself, or left kids with a sitter.

Thank you for the time you spent this last week planning games that would hold short attention spans. Thank you for scouring the internet and racking your brain for the perfect Halloween craft, making sure to have enough supplies on hand for any mishaps.

Thank you for your attention in putting together treat bags; for paying attention to allergies and sensitivities. Thank you for making non-food treat bags look better than any bag of candy could.

Thank you for making sure you had just the right story to tell- not too spooky, but with just enough Halloween fright

Thank you for pretending it's not draining being around twenty preschoolers. Thank you for the sincere compliments on their costumes.

Your efforts went a long way in creating a day my daughter hasn't yet stopped talking about.

I know many of you might have just volunteered with your own kid in mind, but you also, perhaps unknowingly, did it for my daughter, and for every other kid whose parent was at work or home taking care of younger children.

Would they be fine without this party? It's highly likely. Do kids need school parties? Truly, no. But your being there today added a link to the chain, bolstering a community that I am confident sending my children into; one that learns and benefits from the strengths that others are willing to share.

Thank you for being apart of what I try to teach my children every day: to use your talents and your time to help others, and in turn, to enjoy and appreciate the time and talents of others.

And? I'm pretty sure being around that many kids has earned you a nap.


  1. I go through phases when I can help. This year I can't be in the classroom. If I can't be there I often let the teacher know I would love to help with any supplies. Then it helps me feel like I am contributing. One day you will be there. Mary Ellen from our ward taught me a good lesson. She said that she was not PTA president until her youngest was in 6th grade. It was too much until then. So I have got a few years! Phew!

    1. That is wonderfully refreshing to read- coming from both you and her. I don't know why I sometimes feel like I have to do everything at once!