12 October 2015


Halloween sequins.

I had planned to start on Halloween costumes during nap time today. Naps didn't exactly happen and so finishing (okay, starting and finishing) two costumes and picking up the remaining pieces for a third remains at the top of my list for the week.

That task is in good company, along with:

- Address the issue that is the grime along the lower half of the inside of my pantry door. It seems I'm not the only one who eats in there with the door closed.

- Buy a lollipop at Whole Foods, as per my four-year-old's request.

- Pick up a new toilet brush, since I've forgotten to the last two times I've been to the store.

- Have various documents faxed to various places that I'm fortunate to have written down, despite me thinking I would remember what goes where. I don't remember.

- Research photographers for family pictures. I am still optimistic about having my Christmas cards mailed out December 1.

- Exercise. If I write it down, it might happen, right?

- Decide what print to put in the frame on my mantel. The frame that's been sitting empty for months.

- Remove the child locks from cabinets as children can get in them, but then cannot get out.

I am certain I am exactly the sort of person day planner designers have in mind.

Oh, yeah:

- Order day planner for 2016. (I was too late to get the one I wanted last January.)

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