09 October 2015


It's the freakin' weekend.

I have visions of filling the next few days with making Halloween costumes, autumn crafts, and maybe a nap. We might pick out some pumpkins and fit in a few errands, though I'm just as content if we don't. How about you? Are you looking forward to a low-key weekend, or will it be jam-packed? It is gourd season, after all.

Here's a few links:

As a journalism major, I can't help but love Humans of New York. His pieces the past few weeks on refugees in Europe have been especially heart-wrenching and absolute must-reads. If you're not already following, find them here and here.

This mom is leading the charge to get a terrifying heart surgeon costume for children off the shelves and offline, as it goes against everything she, and many others, have taught their precious babies about helpful, caring doctors. And, great news, Amazon has now pulled the costume.

These dancing football players made me laugh.

And this long awaited pregnancy announcement made me smile.

This letter from a male engineer to his female peers is so encouraging.

Click through the photos at the Samburu National Reserve via Google Maps.

Are you looking for a phone case? I've had this one for a year now. My phone has been thrown often, dropped just as much, and had water poured on it; there's not a scratch or hiccup to speak of. Did I mention it's less than twenty bucks?

I kind of want to recreate this leaves and lights garland.

I just grabbed a butternut squash today. Did you know you can cook them in your crockpot?

Happy weekending!

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