15 August 2015


The latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens arrived today. This makes the second issue that I've received. I never subscribed to it, though. When it came last month I thought, "Oh, hey. Free magazine," and flipped through it, dog-earing a few pages that had ideas I wanted to try. How does the saying go? Every time a page is torn from a catalog, a Pinterest board disappears?

Today I looked at it with suspicion. Why, exactly, are you in my mailbox? Who sent you to me? Is someone hinting that I could have a better home and garden? Well, first I'd need to have an actual garden. Our landscaping is a bit scarce, if you will, but it's not for lack of trying to decide what to do. Have you ever tried to choose what type of tree to plant in your yard? It's a big decision. Though, my neighbor has eleven trees in his backyard alone. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking I have to narrow it down. That, or he's starting a Christmas tree lot and I better figure out what to do with all the traffic in front of my house come December.

Even so, I'm still curious as to how I came to be subscribed to BH&G. It's not exactly like unknowingly getting put on an email list.

For a couple years there, Jason was getting the weirdest magazine. It was bizarre, but I still read it from cover to backwards cover. Again, no idea how or why he started getting it. We never gave our forwarding address when we moved, sadly. (Not really sadly. It was a weird magazine.)

We did, however, box up and move several boxes worth of his climbing magazines. There are issues from the early 90s. Vintage! And I have my fair share of old NatGeos that I pick up from Goodwill every time I'm there. Having stacks of those around makes me strangely happy.

I tossed years and years worth of Cosmos into the recycling bin when my oldest was a baby. I figured that, once she could read headlines, I could explain the Hot New Moves You Must Try much, much easier than I could explain why she's being told she should try to look five pounds slimmer by the weekend.

My cousin recently got me hooked on Brain, Child. When I sometimes feel as though I can physically sense brain cells jumping out my ears, it's nice to read something that reminds me I can connect on an intellectual level, if only occasionally.

Have I convinced you of my nerdiness?

There is really no other point to this other than to say I love magazines. It's so important to read every day but what to do when it's not feasible to dive into a book? Hello, magazine with your quick articles, short reads, and useful tidbits of information that I don't have to devote a couple hours to get through. There's a magazine for every interest, every age- it's impossible to not find something. In a world overrun by screens, it's something tangible and the smell of ink and paper, well- perhaps I'm completely putting you off magazines.

Don't be put off. Join me in my nerdy revelry (which is completely not the correct word, but I like the sound of it). Subscribe to one today. Or wait for a mysterious stranger to subscribe to one for you. Your choice.

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