18 August 2015


Soon enough, I will have school drop-offs and other responsibilities that will require me to get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door every morning, starting with Monday. Tuesday reminds me that those days aren't here just yet.

Tuesday reminds me that I still have more time with my kids at home. Tuesday makes me wonder how, exactly, we will make it out the door every single morning.

Tuesday makes me think I might be a bit capable because we do, actually, manage to make it out the door on time.

Tuesday means checking the menu to see what will be served at snack time. Fingers crossed for chocolate chip banana bread, but apples and cheese will do.

Tuesday is getting to watch her go into her classroom confidently, having a few months experience now under her belt. Except, no literal belt because nine times out of ten she will choose a dress.

Tuesday is errands with the two babies. I know- she's almost two and he's one going on college, practically, but when I say, "Babies, should we go to Target?" they respond. They wouldn't answer to 'babies' if they weren't okay with it, I'm convinced.

Tuesday is errands with the babies. Prescriptions aren't going to pick themselves up, you know. The same goes for the two movies and t-shirt we grabbed. Also, this one's Larabar fix. (Pro-tip for the 3-foot tall and under crowd: Save the unwanted walnuts in your mouth to spit out on an unsuspecting person.)

Tuesday is time management, juggling lunches and packing snacks, anticipating and avoiding meltdowns, knowing just how long it takes to buckle carseats and back out of the driveway to make it to pickup on time.

Tuesday is listening. I heard a tip from moms of older kids that I'd tucked away, saving it for now: Your children will tell you plenty about their day if you'd just listen, rather than ask a dozen questions. For the first week of school I could have been sending her to work in a sweat shop for all she told me. Now, she talks and I listen.

Tuesday is grace. Every tantrum and too-short nap is manageable because it's not Wednesday yet and Jason doesn't have to go to scouts tonight. The mere thought of not having to power through that last hour and a half before bedtime alone makes me happier than it probably should.

Tuesday is nothing special. I kind of like it, just the same.

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